Athletes compete in a number of events covering all disciplines. Sprints, middle distance, long distance, walks, jumps and throws are included.

Mid South Coast Zone athletes who compete in Grand Prix events will be awarded points as follows:

1st place 11 points          2nd place 10 points
3rd place 9 points           4th place 8 points
5th place 7 points           6th place 6 points
7th place 5 points          8th place 4 points
9th place 3 points          10th place 2 points

All other placings will receive 1 point

To qualify for an Age Champion trophy an athlete must have competed in at least 50% of the Grand Prix events for their respective age group.

Should a Grand Prix Carnival be washed out that round will not be included in the Grand Prix even if the Carnival is rescheduled and held at a later date.

At the end of the four (4) rounds the individual Mid South Coast Age Champions will be announced.

Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each age group.

At the conclusion of the fourth (4th) Carnival the winning Centre will also be revealed.
This Centre will receive a trophy as well as hold the Mid South Coast Grand Prix Perpetual Trophy for twelve (12) months.

Family, Fun & Fitness

Little Athletics  is a uniquely Australian sport for children aged 5-16 years. It is based upon the sport of athletics (track and field) and the events are specially modified to suit the ages and abilities of children. A wide range of running, jumping, throwing and walking events is conducted.

Little Athletics recognises that children vary widely in shape, size and athletic ability, and is thus one of few sports that successfully caters for them all.

It's not really about winning, but about having fun, making friends and getting families involved in healthy activities. The emphasis is placed on participation and personal improvement. It is little surprise then, that the motto of Little Athletics is: "Family, Fun and Fitness".